But, after your explanation I can see you are right. Gotta take my meds Is there any extra information available about this? Have the same question? In fact, I thought the fist score would never have seen the light of day if not for the fans us! Find your favorite songs in our multimillion database of quality mp3s Buy Steve Jablonsky Transformers:

steve jablonsky precious cargo mp3

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Andrew Zack Music Preparation: Did it with first and will do it caryo this. Also, how do the costs compare to creating a digital download-only version?

steve jablonsky precious cargo mp3

Is there any extra information available about this? I recently noticed Hans is credited for Additional Music?! Also, what i think is tseve is, and this hapened to pgecious with some less enjoyable cues from the 1st movie and with many other scores, we’re still missing that raport that comes from associating the music with the visuals.

The Fallen Arrives – Eppic and chilling; Tomb of the Primes – This just might be this scores “Arrival to Earth”, though it has half the length; Forest Battle – Kicks Ass; The Shard – Fast Paced but the more generic from the 6; Precious Cargo – Knowing what the precious cargo is, i understand the sad and majestic feel of this one; I Claim Your Sound – The films endgame cue, reminiscent of “Downtown Battle” in the use of certain sounds, ear it and you’ll understand what i mean; All in all, it seems despite the sucky length, this score will still deliver though i’m guessing that like the first one, it will have the fans wanting more.


But, after your explanation I can see you are right. MrZimmerFan I’ve heard that too and yes, my bet was only Max Richter as well, but then I found this post on Balfes Twitter in which he states that there will be a soundtrack release.

Hope the same happens for ROTF. Anywone know the length of the disc?

Precious Cargo

Hybrid Soldier At first, I thought the first score was 60 min long because of the demand by the fans. It was released on June 23, No, Klaas, no extra info for now We should probably be grateful that Warners needing no prodding this time to release a score. That last one should read “I Claim Your Sun” And then they complain about bootleg CDs and DLs.

Alex Gibson Assistant Music Editor: But HZ does this all the time, more or less directly As for the 1st score, is the full score 2 CD edition put to rest or is Warner still thinking about it?


Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen () – Soundtracks – IMDb

By the samples, the score seems to be less good than the first one. Have the same question?

steve jablonsky precious cargo mp3

I guess it may also be from any other Jablonsky score but it has a definite Transformers feel to it. Appearly, the score seems to be repetitive Paul Yeah, that’s the source I guess.

Steve jablonsky precious cargo mp3

That’s interesting information, Hybrid – it explains quite a bit. Revenge of the Fallen.

Amazon Search Precious Cargo. Write your own comment here in english please This zone is only to post comment, not to ask for CD downloading, copying or trading!

Matrix of Leadership — Another version, more dense of the new ‘Transformers’ theme. Full score samples at Amazon.

steve jablonsky precious cargo mp3

No wonder half the world hates America! Jacob Shea Music Technical Assistant: Now i’m really counting the days. None of the score sounds like HZ.